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MarkZil provides the best marketing tool for all businesses. Reach out to your prospects and convert them to your clients by using MarkZil’s email marketing services. We are committed to customer satisfaction along with quality products and services.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We have covered most of the questions and tried to answer them to your satisfaction. Please feel free to connect us if you have more questions.

Can I try MarkZil without purchasing plans?

Yes. We are having a free plan where you can try MarkZil and then avail premium plan once you are ready.

Can I change or switch existing plan?

You can switch the existing plan at any point in time. When you will upgrade the plan in running month then your limit will be enhanced and charged on a pro-rata basis.

Will my unutilized limit carry forward?

No. All plans are on a monthly basis. The limit will expire on the last day of the subscription. A new limit will be applicable for the next billing cycle.

Can I buy additional credits without upgrade?

Yes. You can add a slot of 500 contacts or 1000 contacts without upgrading the plan.

What are payment options available?

Payments will be accepted through our trusted payment partners like Razorpay and Paypal. You can pay by using any digital mode of payment. All transaction details will be available in your account.

Having more questions?

If you have more questions which not covered in FAQs then contact us at info@markzil.com. We would love to resolve your queries.

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